Contents of an Inhalation Kit

2 chopstick
• To assist with inserting screen in glass stem
4 packages of screens (4 packages of 5)
• Used to prevent the ash from being inhaled
2 stems
• Used to hold the drug while it is being heated and inhaled
2 mouthpieces
• Used to protect the user from the heat of the stem
• Hepatitis C can be contracted by sharing mouthpieces
4 alcohol swabs

• To sterilize the mouthpiece
2 condoms
• Used to prevent the spread of STIs and pregnancy
2 lubricants
• For use with the condoms
Information on inhalation safety
Information on Project X-Change
Information on ascorbic acid

How to Use an Inhalation Kit
• Remove all 5 screens and fold them up tightly
• Place them into the stem and use the chopstick to push them down 75% of the way to one end
• Sterilize and place the mouthpiece on the end furthest away from the screen
• Insert the substance into the end with the screen, so that the screen acts as a filter between the substance and the mouthpiece
• Light the end with the substance and inhale using the mouthpiece