Safer Sex


Condoms can protect from STIs and prevent pregnancy. There are two main types of condoms: male and female

Male Condoms: used to cover the penis. To use: place over the penis once it is erect, and before it comes in contact with another person’s body.

Flavoured Condoms: are meant for oral sex. Some can be used for other types of sex, but only if the label says it is safe.

Female Condoms: inserted into the vagina. To use: squeeze the inner ring and insert into the vagina. Use finger to push the ring into the vagina. After intercourse, twist and pull out the condom.

Note1: some people are sensitive to latex and therefore should avoid using latex condoms, and use polyurethane instead.

Note2: condoms are only meant to be used once and a new condom should be used if changing from oral to anal or vaginal and vice versa. However, some clients will re-use female condoms, but should clean them with soap and water first and only use them with one partner

Dental Dams

Dental Dams are basically a sheet form of a condom. They can be made from latex or polyurethane and are placed in front of an area that a person wishes to perform oral sex (i.e. vagina, anus). They come in different flavours.

Note1: dental dams should not be re-used.

Note2: if a user is switching positions, it is important to continue coming in contact with only your side of the dental dam.