Contents of a Needle Kit

5 needles
• Used to inject substance. Needles should only be used once.
5 sterile water capsules
• Used to mix with the substance for injection, will reduce risk of infection
5 cookers/spoons
• Used to melt the substance for injection
5 tourniquets
• Used to expose a vein, will reduce bruising
10 cotton filters
• Used to filter out any solid pieces of substance
10 alcohol swabs
• Used to clean the skin before and after injection
5 ascorbic acid
• Used to dissolve crack, reduces harm as compared to vinegar or other acids
2 condoms
• Used to prevent the spread of STIs and pregnancy
2 lubricants
• For use with condoms
Information on inhalation safety
Information on Project X-Change
Information on ascorbic acid
AIDS Committee of Durham Region website and phone number

How to Use a Needle Kit
• Tie the arm above the elbow using a tourniquet
• Mix the sterile water with the substance in a cooker/spoon
• If required (for crack), mix ascorbic acid (1/4 the amount of the crack) with the sterile water and crack
• While mixing, heat the cooker/spoon
• Place the cotton filter into the spoon (allowing it to absorb the dissolved substance) and draw the substance from the filter into the needle
• Clean the injection area with an alcohol swab
• Inject with the needle bevel up into the vein
• After injection, clean the injection area
• Safely dispose of the used needle in a sharps container