For outpatient treatment, you continue to live at home and go in for group and/or individual therapy sessions. Intensity can range from once a month to every day for several hours (like school). During these sessions, people can explore their substance use and determine whether or not it is healthy. Should they decide they are not happy with their pattern of substance use, they can work to change. Outpatient treatment can be beneficial for people wanted to abstain, but also for people wanting to decrease their use.

Withdrawal Management, or Detox, is where a person can go to get all substances out of there system while being medically monitored. Withdrawal from certain substances can be extremely hard on the body, so it can be beneficial to have a professional checking in on you. Withdrawal Management can last up to 10 days (depending on the location at which you register), but you can leave at any time.

Residential Treatment is when you live at a treatment facility for a set number of days (i.e. 21 days). Your entire focus is on understanding and overcoming your substance abuse issues. This is only for people who want to abstain from substance use.

Aftercare is similar to outpatient treatment, in that you live at home but come in for therapy sessions. Aftercare is usually a weekly counselling session that will help a person adjust to life without substances (or with reduced substance use).

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